Discover Penarth

Known as the ‘garden by the sea’, this thriving, well-equipped town is booming with community spirit. Not just a place to spend the day, but a destination to aspire to reside, retire and grow up, it really is the town that has it all.

Exploring the town centre will excite your senses as you are greeted by an array of diverse independent shops, from the hidden gems to well-loved social hubs, up and down the length of the high street, and beyond. Branching streets uncover additional venues, shops and unique eateries to sample, whilst just a short walk down the hill you are greeted by the beach.

The impressive Victorian Pier, full of history and character, is one of the last remaining in Britain. Looking out onto the Bristol Channel, the Pavilion Building and its Pier are essential landmarks to visit and are admired and loved by visitors and residents alike.

Community spirit is strong here, the positivity and encouragement from one local business to another is refreshing, and you can always count on a smile.

This upmarket seaside town embraces the concept of ‘escape from the city’; located just a 16 minute drive from Cardiff, Penarth town is the foundation of the delight that sprawls across this beautiful area. Whether you’re in the mood for afternoon tea, a mountain of crêpes or a simple sandwich and a pint, meal times are sorted here. Cosmeston Lake is a prime choice for those searching for a wildlife walk (or to feed the geese and swans!) and the barrage is just a short scenic walk away too. Penarth’s marina is nestled among a nest of winding homes, which all enjoy the spectacular views, and provides 24-hour access to the water via Cardiff Bay barrage.

We believe it was the mix of embracing nature, community and moving with the times that led Penarth to be voted one of the best places to live in Wales in 2016 by The Sunday Times. Penarth caters to all generations, lifestyles and requirements; whether you’re just visiting for the day, or are a new resident of the town, it’s certain that Penarth is the place to be.

If you’re searching for a location that has it all, a destination to explore and a self-sufficient town where everything is on your doorstep, then Penarth is prime pick for you. It’s no wonder Penarth has remained destination of choice for so many.

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